Best of the Week: May 5, 2019


Best of the Week


1.) SOWING SEEDS IN AMERICA | #IronViz 2019 Feeder 1 | Agriculture

by Samuel Parsons

2.) The Changing Landscape of Agriculture in America | #IronViz

by Ann Jackson

3.) Multi-Level Sankey Template with Additional Curves

by Jeffrey Shaffer

4.) Makeover Monday Submission Tracker

by Andy Kriebel

5.) Lighting to show criticality

by Anya A’Hearn

6.) Champions League V2

by Baljinnyam Enkhtur

7.) Packed Circles

by Kizley Benedict

8.) DataViz_Best_Practices

by Brian Moore

9.) Back Where I Come From (#IronViz2019.1)

by Jeff Plattner

10.) #MakeoverMonday: Major League Baseball’s Most Cost Effective Players

by Andy Kriebel

11.) Road Casualties in London

by Andy Kriebel

12.) #IronViz2019 | Agriculture in United States

by Jayshree Dawrewar

13.) #MakeoverMonday 2019-19

by Jeff Plattner

14.) Analytics Business Intelligence – Gartner Peer Insights

by Suhendra Tandera

15.) The Case of the Vanishing Farms

by David C. Velleca

16.) Messi 600

by Filippo Mastroianni

17.) NYC Restaurant Inspection Analysis

by Jacob Olsufka

18.) MLB Salaries – Cost Variance Analysis

by Klaus Schulte

19.) Agricultural Origins of the All-American Burger

by Anna Le

20.) Iron Viz 2019 feeder1 “American Agriculture”

by Yoshihito Kimura


by Daniel Caroli

22.) USA Agriculture Alert

by Meetali Pandey

23.) Visual History of the Premier League

by Bo McCready


by Dorian Banutoiu

25.) MLB cost effective players

by Eva Murray

26.) MLB2013 Hitting stats #makeovermonday

by Praveen P Jose

27.) Urban Core Student Insights (Updated 03/19/19)

by StrivePartnership

28.) Tour of Romandie 2019 – Flow Chart

by Chris Tolley

29.) MM2019W19_MLB Cost Efficiency

by John Hodgskin

30.) Using timeline sections to filter main view

by Neil Richards

31.) [MM] Spacewalkers

by Pratik

32.) MLB Salaries

by Ryan Soares

33.) Radial Jitter Bar Chart

by Toan Hoang

34.) Towards Sustainable Agriculture |#IronViz

by Yukari Nagata 永田ゆかり

Tableau Magicians Facebook Group Insights

by Ankit Patel

How Well Did We Predict Game of Thrones Episode 4?

by Jeffrey Hess

Wiki Template

by Katie Ansley

MLB Top paid players – 1986 – 2016

by Prasanna Ratnam

The Tableau Times- May 2019

by Richard Bounds – Dashboards