Best of the Week: April 28, 2019


Best of the Week


1.) Space Station Spacewalks #MoM 2019/W18

by Baljinnyam Enkhtur

2.) U.S. Farms and Farmers Under Threat

by Pradeep Kumar G

3.) FARMSTATES | Ironviz

by Rodrigo Calloni

4.) Census of Agriculture Atlas

by Rob Radburn

5.) Spacewalkers

by Joshua Preston

6.) Date Selection (Set Actions)

by Andy Kriebel

7.) How to Make the Font Bigger than the Max Tableau Allows

by Andy Kriebel

8.) Hidden Objects Piles Game

by Alexander Varlamov

9.) International Human Rights Instruments

by Ellen Blackburn

10.) Sergio Leone Filmography

by Filippo Mastroianni

11.) ISS Spacewalks #makeovermonday

by Praveen P Jose

12.) Avengers: ENDGAME at the Box Office

by Ravi Mistry

13.) Visualize 4.51B

by Zach Bowders

14.) #MakeoverMonday: Winning the Race to Space

by Andy Kriebel

15.) Kirsten Alana’s Instagram Posts

by Bo McCready

16.) Stephen Curry Popcorn Rankings

by Joshua Preston

17.) #IronViz – Where are all the women farmers?

by Kimly Scott

18.) The Pulp Fiction Connection

by Andreas Koschinek

19.) Senna

by James Smith

20.) NBA Threads

by Ken Flerlage

21.) ISS Spacewalks #Makeover Monday – Week 18 2019

by LucieB

22.) IronViz 2019-QC1 | United States Agriculture – A Short Summary

by swagat kumar jena

Scatterplot Drilldown (Set Actions)

by Andy Kriebel

Procurement Analytics – IT Cooperative Contracting Main

by Anthony J. Young

San Iker: The Remarkable Career of Iker Casillas

by Bo McCready

Elecciones Generales España 2019

by Edu Megías

Mercedes fast start

by James Smith

#MakeoverMonday#W18 | A Walk in SPACE

by Jayshree Dawrewar


by Joshua Preston

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Spacewalks | #MakeoverMonday 2019.18

by Katelyn Schaub

Connected Waterfall Charts

by Klaus Schulte

Finding Inverse Correlations in Data

by Robbin Vernooij

Space Station Spacewalks

by Samo Drole

Premier League – Race To The Top

by Simon Beaumont