Best of the Week: April 7, 2019


Best of the Week


1.) Visual Résumé

by Justin Davis

2.) Breaking Bag Habits

by Sarah Bartlett

3.) Are states financially healthy?/MakeoverMonday/2019w15

by Samo Drole

4.) Assets and Liabilities – #MakeoverMonday Week 15 2019

by Brad Werner

5.) Masters Golf Course

by Curtis Looney

6.) IronViz Europe 2019 – In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

by Bastien SELLAH

7.) Ranking States by Fiscal Condition

by Andy Kriebel

8.) Game of Thrones – Screen Time Analysis

by Filippo Mastroianni

9.) Waste on UK Beaches

by Mahfooj Khan

10.) Total Net Assets per Person by State

by Marc Reid

11.) #MakeoverMonday Week 15 US Fiscal Condition

by Meera

12.) Ranking States by Fiscal Condition

by Tim Schneider

13.) How to Create a Hub & Spoke Diagram with a Union

by Andy Kriebel

14.) Fractions as colours

by Neil Richards

15.) Circle Dot Charts

by Toan Hoang

#MMWK 15 – 2016 US Fiscal Year Performance

by Tausif Kazi

Thinking about participating in IronViz? Alexander has already helped you clean up the data!

#IronViz2019 – AgriKPIs

by Alexander Waleczek