Best of the Week: April 21, 2019


Best of the Week


Samo is killing it lately! Steph Curry’s popcorn rankings have led to a very popular MakeoverMonday data set and we have another week of just amazing visualizations.

1.) Steph Curry’s Stadium Popcorn Rankings

by Samo Drole

2.) Stephen Curry’s Popcorn Ranking

by Kelvin Tang

3.) Unemployment Rates Trellis Chart How-To (#ThrowbackDataThursday)

by Lindsay Betzendahl

4.) The 500 HR Club

by Spencer Baucke

5.) Tabyrinth

by David C. Velleca

6.) More ____ Than People? McCready Iron Viz April 2019 Entry

by Bo McCready

7.) Genre

by Zach Bowders

8.) Pyramid Step Charts

by Toan Hoang

9.) Land Line vs Mobile Phone Use – 1988 to 2017

by David C. Velleca

10.) The Avengers: A Tableau Comic Book

by Jade Wimpey

11.) LOD Webinar Workbook

by Hanna Nykowska

12.) Stephen Curry’s Stadium Popcorn Rankings – MOM 2019w17

by Swati Dave

13.) Arthrosis in EU 2014 – #ProjectHealthViz

by Zunaira Rasheed

14.) Paid Social Dashboard – TEMPLATE

by Alight Analytics

15.) Every Player Drafted into the NFL 1936-2018

by Bo McCready

16.) Curacao Sea Turtles

by Katelyn Schaub

17.) N.B.A. Power Rankings: Popcorn Style | #MakeoverMonday 2019.17

by Katelyn Schaub

18.) CO2 Emission Calculator for Diesel, Gasoline and Electric Cars

by Merlijn Buit

19.) 2018 Cancer Incidence and Mortality

by Robbin Vernooij

20.) iron_viz_crop_cycle

by Young C. Song

Paid Search Dashboard – TEMPLATE

by Alight Analytics

Stephen Curry’s Stadium Popcorn Rankings(II)

by Baljinnyam Enkhtur

Stephen Curry’s Popcorn Ranking (MM2019w/17)

by Bona Wang

2019 NFL Player Movement Tracker

by Brian Moore


by Charlie Hutcheson

Global Trade Opportunity Analysis

by Cici

The NFL Draft – 1970 to 2018

by David C. Velleca

Steph Curry’s NBA Team’s Popcorn Ratings

by Harry Cooney

Game Boy 30th Anniversary

by Joshua Preston

Zoomable Charts in a Matter of Seconds

by Kevin Flerlage