Best of the Week: April 14, 2019


Best of the Week


1.) IronViz – Old MacDonald Had a Farm

by Kevin Flerlage

2.) Race on America’s Farms

by Ken Flerlage

3.) Word Analysis of Info We Trust

by Jeffrey Shaffer

4.) INFO WE TRUST – Word Usage #MakeoverMonday

by Mark Bradbourne

5.) Info We Trust Chapters

by Ludovic Tavernier

6.) Poppin’ Pyramids

by Sean Miller – @HipsterVizNinja

7.) Quarterbacks in the NFL Draft

by Bo McCready

8.) F1 – 1000 World Championship Races

by David C. Velleca

9.) EU Disease Prevalence #ProjectHealthViz

by Lindsay Betzendahl

10.) 101 Dalmatians Game

by Alexander Varlamov

11.) Words in the “Info We Trust” book

by Dorian Banutoiu

12.) Word Analysis of Info We Trust | #MakeoverMonday 2019.16

by Katelyn Schaub

13.) Game of Rewatching Thrones

by Mike Cisneros

14.) Info We Trust/MM/2019w16

by Samo Drole

15.) #Make Over Monday w16 Top 20 words in ‘Info We Trust’

by Yoshihito Kimura

Dirk Nowitzki

by Baljinnyam Enkhtur

Info We Trust

by Danny Bradley

MM_15_2019 Ranking the State by Fiscal Conditions

by Dilyana Bossenz

Marvel-Universe Character List by Appearance

by Fabio Fantoni

Tableau for Internal Audit

by Mike Crook

Rise & Shine of Afgan Cricket

by Ratnesh Pandey

Transparent Shape Map Example

by Sarah Bartlett

Info We Trust – #MakeoverMonday Week 16

by Zunaira Rasheed