Best of the Week


I’m a little slow to pull this one together this week since I’ve been sick, but here it is…

Amazing work on the Cheetah’s Race for Survival by Kevin Flerlage and Lindsay Betzendahl. You will see it listed twice because it is posted on each of their pages, and I recommend that you go give both them a favorite.

I’m incredibly inspired by Ratnesh’s gamification visualization because that is something that I aspire to create with the data that I’m collecting for this blog.

1.) A Cheetah’s Race for Survival (Collaboration)

by Kevin Flerlage and Lindsay Betzendahl

2.) Multi-Level Sankey Template

by Ken Flerlage

3.) Tableau Conference Session Recordings v.2

by Michelle Gaudette

4.) Makeover Monday – Philadelphia Real Estate Transfers

by Kevin Flerlage

5.) That’s What He Said

by Justin Davis

6.) #VizofTheDay Performance Gamification_Generic Version

by Ratnesh Pandey

7.) Sales by State Analysis

by Andy Kriebel

8.) A Cheetah’s Race for Survival (Collaboration)

by Lindsay Betzendahl and Kevin Flerlage

9.) Clayton Kershaw: An Electric Career

by Jacob Olsufka

10.) Traceable Multi-Level Sankey Template

by Ken Flerlage

11.) SportsVizSunday – Olympic Swimming Heroes

by Simon Beaumont

12.) Data Visualization Society

by Neil Richards

13.) Japan TUG Organization

by KT

14.) Age of Cincinnati

by Jeffrey Shaffer

15.) Horizontal Sankey with Adjustable Whitespace

by Ken Flerlage

16.) Tableau Public API Explorer

by Jeffrey Shaffer

17.) PhiladelphiaLandBank | #MakeoverMonday | 2019Week11

by Katie Bridges

18.) Philadelphia Mortgage Transactions

by Andy Kriebel

19.) Business Dashboard Templates

by Kevin Flerlage

20.) Data Visualization Society Membership

by Mike Cisneros

21.) Ignore Block Repeat

by Mike Cisneros

22.) AidData

by Rob Radburn

23.) Employee Expense Analysis

by Tableau for Finance

24.) Tausif Kazi Resume

by Tausif Kazi

25.) Philadelphia Real Estate Fair Market Value — MakeoverMonday Week 11

by Hesham Eissa

26.) Costa Rica in Color

by Jeff St.Germaine

27.) In Facebook We Do Not Trust

by Joshua Preston

28.) The Startup Quadrant

by Karan Ghadge

29.) Aid Donations in Asia Pacific

by Pris Lam

30.) SWDchallenge/March2019

by Samo Drole